RIB is the market leader in the field of integrated collaboration and 5D solutions



RIB is the market leader in the field of integrated collaboration and 5D solutions


iTWO 4.0 is a cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform that redefines the management of building and construction business in the era of Industry 4.0. Integrating with cloud computing, 5D BIM, big data, modular construction, smart SCM, virtual into physical technologies, etc., iTWO 4.0 provides a web-based collaborative platform that connects people, machines, and data for fully digitalized management of enterprise wide projects throughout the construction life cycle based on 5D BIM. It opens up infinite opportunities for leading companies to embrace agile business and drive productivity.




iTWO 4.0 is an integrated platform that digitalizes your enterprise. It empowers all project stakeholders' real-time collaboration for enterprise wide projects throughout the construction life cycle from design, QTO & estimation, scheduling, bidding and tendering, modular construction, SCM, project management to finance control integrated with corporate ERP. All people, processes, projects, and finance data are managed in one comprehensive platform.



iTWO 4.0 integrates the 3D BIM model with project schedule and cost data for project design-to-delivery management. Design models, cost information, procurement, and construction plans are visualized and evaluated at the project planning stage, producing a clear and optimized plan before physical construction. The optimized 5D BIM model guides and monitors the execution process in the construction phase.



Integrating the virtual construction process into the physical process, iTWO 4.0 realizes 5D simulation of the entire project process prior to physical construction. This enables streamlining of the construction process, early identification and resolution to variation, schedule and budget optimization, and real-time project control to ensure the project built as planned.



Developed with cutting edge technologies such as SPA, JavaScript and HTML5, iTWO is a cloud-based platform supporting both the private and public cloud. Under one centralized cloud platform, all stakeholders collaborate in real time with one single source of true data anytime anywhere, with all kinds of internet-connected devices, saving expensive hardware expenses. 



About RIB

About RIB

Who we are

RIB is a global provider of solutions for the construction industry. We were introduced on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2011 and today we have more than 700 employees distributed in 30+ offices around the world. We are market leaders in integrated 5D solutions and our ambition is to create end-to-end value for the entire value chain of a building project – from design and execution to operation.

What we do

RIB has always been the pioneer in construction innovation. Today, RIB uses some of the world’s most modern technology to create a revolutionary working method that integrates a 5D virtual construction process into the physical construction process and helps the construction industry become one of the most advanced and digitalized industries in the 21st century.

How we work

Our business model is to ensure results and value increment to exceed a client’s investment. Our consulting services ensure that our clients are perfectly equipped to get the job done – digitally. No one realizes more projects than we do globally. That is why our experience is unique. We are a neutral company with no other interests in the industry and we make our living by creating value for our clients. 


Our method


Our relationship is based on a partnership approach with the objective to help you deliver on your promises to your clients and to deliver your strategy. We start by getting under the skin of your business and understanding your strategy and scope. We take the necessary steps to understand what drives your business, which helps us DISCOVER and agree on needs and areas of improvement.


Based on our shared definition of business improvements and how these support your strategy, we DEFINE a solution based on standard software applications specifically designed to support key business objectives in the AEC/EPC industry. We do this globally with more than 700 employees all working to improve the performance and output of our clients' businesses.


Deciding to, being able to and budgeting to buy software do not change the course of a business. This is why we deliver our solutions by pairing software with brainware. In essence, it is about ensuring that your investment DELIVERS business improvements, increased competitiveness, financial output and reduced risk. We are your partner in delivering on your strategy and your promises to your clients.


When cooperation creates value

RIB is running together with clients and partners on their journey towards becoming 5D technology pioneers in the construction sector. We aim to deliver the next generation of software to support the next generation of living culture in the world. 

We have a strong network of business partners across professional boundaries and within different areas of expertise. Our solutions are based on tried and tested methods and partnerships, including McKinsey & Co. and Stanford University.