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RIB is an innovator in construction industry. The company designs, develops, and offers integrated collaboration solutions, Facility Management and iTWO technology, which is the world’s first Big Data BIM 5D enterprise solution for construction industry.

Customer feedback has been vital to the success of RIB Americas for over 50 years. Listening to customers and the marketplace created solutions that optimized client's work flow processes and business operations.  Customer Connect, a web-based customer feedback tool, was developed to provide a forum for customers and the marketplace to share ideas on how to improve construction lifecycle management tools and allow contributors the opportunity to vote on these improvements. Just as the RIB Americas solutions provide transparency to all project stakeholders, Customer Connect is an open forum to provide feedback to find out out what's working and what's not and develop plans to solve what's not working, based on the needs of the market.

Enhancement requests currently in development:

  1. Estimate Bid - Ability to sub-total by at least one sort code.
  2. Estimate Maintenance - Add a time/date stamp to escalation when each rule is created, modified, and applied (three columns).  If it is unapplied, remove the time/date stamp for the applied column.
  3. Estimate Maintenance and Unit Cost View - Provide a collapse all and expand all button in the Estimate Maintenance and Unit cost View Drill Down.
  4. Estimate Maintenance – When assigning Sort Codes in the Estimate Maintenance show only the Sort Codes which are applied to the estimate the user is working on.
  5. Have ability to do a mass change of the labor category to the entire estimate.
  6. Estimate Maintenance - Generate Subcontract Unit Prices - add the ability to select the estimate range by sort code in lieu of major/minor item code range.
  7. Project Information - Factors - Ability to create new factors that are not in the list.
  8. Project Information - Factors - Ability to edit names of factors.
  9. Waste Factor – allow an update to the take offs when adjusting and applying Waste Factors after the take offs have been executed.
  10. Add ability to easily add in virtual columns into MC2 reports.
  11. Report designer - add ability to snap to grid to align headers in report.
  12. Add the functionality of being able to perform a Change Column with the Add Item takeoff function.
  13. Miscellaneous Items - Include totals the same way that Add Item does.

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