• Four Seasons Hotel (map)
  • Guangzhou
  • China

The iTWO World Conference is the annual conference of global building and construction visionaries to share their best practices with iTWO technology and their visions toward future construction. It represents the highest level of innovation in the industry and is aiming to advance construction to the next level with the most cutting-edge technologies. iTWO World 2017 will be held November 14th - 15th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou, China, along with an optional interactive lab session at the RIB iTWO 5D Lab on November 16th. 

Share and learn iTWO successful case studies from global iTWO users, and explore the most cutting-edge technologies and how they are influencing the industry. Get hands-on experience in our iTWO technology with the support from professional consultants, and network with industry leaders from 20+ countries to discover new insights and opportunities. To learn more about iTWO World and to register click here.