RIB iTWO is a fully integrated solution spanning over the whole life cycle of asset creation projects, with an interactive Building Information Model (BIM)-based graphic process which integrates planning and execution phases from end to end. iTWO integrates traditional estimating, packaging, controlling and execution, revolutionary 5D capabilities (3D Integrated model + time + cost) and project collaboration into a single software platform. According to leading clients, consultants and contractors, the future lies in virtual construction management. iTWO enables you to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your projects in all phases. 


3D model

Save time

Early warning

Thanks to the 3D model, iTWO can extract the quantities based upon the design to enhance the estimating process, improve the benchmarking validation and enable values for engineering options to be undertaken in time with the design changes.

Time gained due to the synergy of integrating the 3D design to cost and time will significantly enhance and enrich the data sets of the project for all the professional disciplines involved. Initial analysis by construction customers suggest savings in time and cost potentially of up to 30%.

Early warning of design errors before building begins through clash detection. This will enable the commercial team to validate the design process prior to commencement on site and seek early resolution to variation and changes.


Quantities can be tracked in line within the design plan and actually be delivered on site for increased control and performance monitoring over the life cycle.

Risk reduction

iTWO makes managing complex projects more transparent and more secure. Risk reduction can be achieved by integrating planning and design decisions within iTWO. 

Change management

Changes to the building procedure and the resulting changes to costs and deadlines can be easily and clearly performed on the model.


Virtual = Physical

Using iTWO you can simulate different design variables, calculation processes and execution variables, which precisely follow, control and minimize the risk profile by selecting and deselecting variables virtually before construction starts. The result of the process is significant with reduction of up to 80% in change orders, a more stringent cost profile and totally minimized risk.

iTWO 5D Lab

The traditional way of construction workflows can be time-consuming, risky, and costly due to miscommunication and improper cooperation among project stakeholders. iTWO 5D Lab is the first global construction software lab, which creates an opportunity for all project stakeholders to build an effective team to practice project management in a 5D simulated working environment with the iTWO solution. The iTWO 5D Lab is a dynamically connected environment that facilitates real-time collaboration, where investors, owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, consultants, suppliers, government, and other project members can consistently work together to make timely decisions.

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