iTWO 4.0 is a cloud-based 5D BIM enterprise platform that redefines the management of building and construction business in the era of Industry 4.0. Integrating with cloud computing, 5D BIM, big data, modular construction, smart SCM, virtual into physical technologies, etc., iTWO 4.0 provides a web-based collaborative platform that connects people, machines, and data for fully digitalized management of enterprise wide projects throughout the construction life cycle. It opens up infinite opportunities for leading companies to embrace agile business and drive productivity.







Run Anywhere

Cloud computing enables real-time access, updates, and the ability to manage projects through all internet-connected devices. iTWO 4.0 has a highly user defined interface and a mobile control tower which facilitates real-time decision making and project control.

Improve Transparency and Productivity

Real-time, web-based collaboration combined with the single source of truth platform covering the whole construction life cycle of enterprise wide projects, helps to improve transparency and productivity.

Reduce Change Orders

5D BIM enables a virtual end-to-end simulation of the project before physical construction. Clashes are identified and resolved before they happen in real-time. Changes are made in the virtual phase without causing real impact to the cost and time.


Shorten Project Time

Completely optimize the building of projects in virtual planning before they are executed, and monitor physical construction by comparing the actual progress with early planning through model-related schedules. This process helps to shorten project time by 20%.

Cut Cost

Different project plans and changes to the plans can be portrayed and evaluated in iTWO 4.0 to ensure flexibility and offer protection against unforeseen cost. By adopting the optimized project plan, the project team has the advantage of cutting cost by 30%.

Lean Management

By optimizing every step in the process through 5D simulation, and realizing seamless collaboration across all stakeholders on the cloud, iTWO 4.0 eliminates all unnecessary waste and achieves lean management.

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