Atlanta, Georgia, 29 October 2015. RIB Software AG, the world’s leading provider of 5D BIM Big Data technology for the construction industry, today announced the conclusion of the 18th phase II contract of a planned 25 in the current financial year 2015 (financial year 2014: 14). The contract has a volume of around USD 3.8 million and runs over six years. It was signed with a large government agency in North America to provide 3rd Party estimate and schedule reviews during the final construction phase for laboratory facilities.    

RIB’s experts will use the iTWO software solution to generate both cost and schedule within the same platform to ensure the team seamlessly captures the impact of changes to one on the other. The results will then be compared against the contractor’s submissions and used to negotiate where needed.

Regarding this Phase II deal for the construction of this facility, Suzanne Moltzen, CEO of the RIB North America Region says “RIB is very excited that this agency will rely on our iTWO cost and scheduling expertise to advise the government with respect to its budgetary and time sensitive interests in the construction of this very unique project.”