The RIB Group has announced the signing of the so far largest iTWO 5D deal in China with CMZY (China Minsheng Zhuyou CO., LTD,) the pioneer of construction industrialization in China, to implement iTWO 5D BIM technology in the production of the largest Prefabrication Construction Plant in China - Minsheng Zhuyou Changsha Industrial Park. The agreement will be a key milestone for the revolution of China’s construction industry and accelerate its construction industrialization and modernization.

CMZY is the first wholly owned industrial company founded by China Minsheng Jiaye Investment with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan. CMZY’s goal is to accelerate the reformation of construction industry and to promote the modernization of construction industry. They are devoted to becoming a new type manufacturer of construction projects and a key provider of advanced technology.

China Minsheng Zhuyou Changsha Industrial Park has at first and second stages a land coverage of 650 mu (about 433,333 m²). The annual production capacity of the first stage is expected to reach 6 billion RMB. It will become a concentrated production centre for prefabricated construction products and provide integrated solutions for various types of architecture by applying EPC model and advanced industrialized methodologies. The industry park has a construction industrialization manufacturing unit, construction industrialization technology research & development unit, training unit, and construction industrialization products demonstration centre. They will apply the cloud based iTWO Big Data 5D BIM solution combined with iTWO IoT technology in the manufacturing of the industrialized construction products. iTWO will build up a 5D end to end management platform for the whole production chain of the industrial park, realizing informatization through design, production to construction, which will create the maximum profitability for the construction project.

“We are very excited about the cooperation with CMZY to work together on construction industrialization“, commented, Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Group. “Construction has been a traditional industry for a very long time, and now with all the new technologies emerging, we are now able to transform construction into a modern and industrialized industry like manufacturing industry. By adopting new technologies in the area of big data, cloud, internet of things, etc., RIB will support CMZY to become leader in construction industrialization. iTWO 5D technology will empower the revolution in construction Industrialization for higher profitability and build up an interconnected ecosystems integrating living, learning and working in one intelligent building.”