Construction waste and defects cost many millions every year, affecting profitability and quality in construction. Consequently, there is great potential in optimising construction processes to avoid defects and minimise risks. Digital tools play a big role in that respect, which is why the working processes in the industry are becoming increasingly digitised.

In June 2015, RIB opens the doors to our first new project laboratory in Copenhagen. iTWO 5D Lab, as it is called, is located at RIB’s offices in central Copenhagen and will provide a venue for workshops, where our customers can collaborate on their construction projects. In that way, projects can be planned and executed better, faster and cheaper.

Using ultramodern 5D technology and a graphical process based on an interactive Building Information Model (BIM), iTWO enables the creation of a virtual working environment where owners, architects, consultants and contractors can simulate the entire construction process virtually before construction begins. This means that design errors are avoided, all alternatives illustrated and feasibility studies done in the iTWO Lab. The objective is better construction at lower cost and greatly reduced risk.

We plan to make the iTWO Lab available to our customers, whether working on 5D projects, or on projects where a project management solution suffices that allows documents and plans to be communicated digitally. In each case, a project team is put together that then simulates the use of RIB’s digital solutions based on the customer’s data. In that way, the different players can collaborate on the project in advance so that construction process and economy are optimised from start to finish.

We expect that the Lab will continually be used for workshops on different construction projects, once the official opening has taken place on June 4.