New Herlev Hospital, one of the big emergency hospitals in Greater Copenhagen, has entered a two phase expansion. One phase covers 56,000 m2 and the other phase includes an 8,000 m2 expansion of an existing service building and a 500 m2 chapel.

New Herlev Hospital has elected to tender the project in trade and general contracts. 81 companies have been prequalified to take part in the bidding. Total contract value is estimated at 1 bn DKK (132 million Euros) and when construction is at its peak, more than 500 builders will be working at the site.

The entire tender is conducted digitally using RIB Tender, which gives contractors access to the tender documents, and this is also the platform they will use to deliver their bids. The tender documentation contains 3D models as well as 1,500 drawings and 1,800 documents. Most contracts will be awarded during the month of June 2015.

RIB Tender can be used during all phases from tender description to contract award. When the process is run digitally, it ensures that the right information is shared with bidding contractors and the process is managed so that bids comply with the tender requirements. It is also ensured that the parties are treated equally, as delivered bids cannot be opened until after the bidding is over, and it reduces print and administration costs.