On 24 June 2015, RIB Software AG announced the conclusion of a phase II iTWO deal with Valbek, a leading Czech infrastructure planning office. The company will use iTWO civil to plan and manage model-based road construction and civil engineering projects.

Valbek was founded in Liberec in 1990 as a small planning office with seven employees. Today, with almost 400 employees in a number of branches and subsidiaries, the company is one of the leading planning offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company has been successfully collaborating with RIB Software for many years and would now like to use iTWO civil to plan infrastructure projects based on 5D models.

“We’re delighted to be able to continue our long-standing collaboration with Valbek. The model-based approach to the planning and management of projects provides for significantly greater added value. iTWO civil will enable Valbek to successfully undertake model-based infrastructure work for the very first time,” says Michael Sauer, CFO of RIB Software AG.

“We’ve been using RIB products as standard practice for many years now. This new software will let us provide our customers with designs in the form of authentic 3D or 5D models. Current trends indicate that this approach will very soon become standard practice. We want to be there and to expand our technological lead over our competitors. iTWO civil will help us bring to fruition our ideas, designs and processes on the basis of virtual models. We’ve made the right decision.” adds Roman Lenner, COB of VALBEK-EU, a.s.