Docia have become part of the German company, RIB Software AG,, one of the world’s leaders in the field of BIM software for the construction industry. This new constellation will provide Docia with a position at the forefront of the construction industry.

Together, RIB and Docia span an extensive range of competitive solutions and sound experience in the field of digital tools for the construction industry. RIB’s strength is leading BIM software, while Docia have a strong position in the area of digital tools for project management and property administration.

“Based on our goal to move from a local success into a global company, we considered it vital to enter into a strategic partnership with the industry’s leading company in the area of BIM solutions for the construction sector - RIB Software AG. The conclusion of our intensive discussion with RIB, who share our vision of creating the market’s best team with the market’s best and most innovative products for our clients, is that we will be stronger together than we are separately. This is a result and an acknowledgement of our efforts to create value for our clients. It also represents a promise to our clients that we will continue our daily work and concentrate on creating value for you.”

All Docia’s products will continue independently as now and we will continue to expand upon them.

iTWO BIM solutions

RIB Software’s main product is called iTWO. It is a 3D to 5D modelling, simulation and reporting platform specifically designed for the construction sector. Their amalgamation with Docia represents their desire to become stronger and better in several areas, including offering iTWO as a SaaS solution, increasing collaboration and adding 6D to iTWO via integration with Docia’s products. The new constellation will enable Docia to provide a whole new range of BIM solutions for our clients and existing Docia solutions in new markets. Docia will become the Nordic head office and will continue to provide support, implementation, consulting, sales, development and administration.

About RIB Software AG

RIB were founded in 1961 and are listed on the stock exchange in Stuttgart. In Germany, RIB have approximately 80% of the market. Their 600-strong staff and 30+ branches throughout the world make RIB the market leader in the area of BIM solutions for the construction sector. RIB’s vision is to transform construction from a traditional industry into an advanced industry by 2020, with significant growth along the way. To achieve this goal, RIB are building up substantial expertise in the company and collaborating with universities and research institutions throughout the world. RIB have three key, geographical areas: Asia; English-speaking markets stretching from Australia to North America; and Europe.