iTWO simulates a project virtually before it is realized physically at the construction site 



iTWO simulates a project virtually before it is realized physically at the construction site 

Cutting edge 5D planning and execution

RIB iTWO is a fully integrated solution spanning over the whole life cycle of asset creation projects, with an interactive Building Information Model (BIM)-based graphic process which integrates planning and execution phases from end to end. iTWO integrates traditional estimating, packaging, controlling and execution, revolutionary 5D capabilities (3D Integrated model + time + cost) and project collaboration into a single software platform. According to leading clients, consultants and contractors, the future lies in virtual construction management. iTWO enables you to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of your projects in all phases. 

3D model

Save time

Early warning

Thanks to the 3D model, iTWO can extract the quantities based upon the design to enhance the estimating process, improve the benchmarking validation and enable values for engineering options to be undertaken in time with the design changes.

Time gained due to the synergy of integrating the 3D design to cost and time will significantly enhance and enrich the data sets of the project for all the professional disciplines involved. Initial analysis by construction customers suggest savings in time and cost potentially of up to 30%.

Early warning of design errors before building begins through clash detection. This will enable the commercial team to validate the design process prior to commencement on site and seek early resolution to variation and changes.


Quantities can be tracked in line within the design plan and actually be delivered on site for increased control and performance monitoring over the life cycle.

Risk reduction

iTWO makes managing complex projects more transparent and more secure. Risk reduction can be achieved by integrating planning and design decisions within iTWO. 

Change management

Changes to the building procedure and the resulting changes to costs and deadlines can be easily and clearly performed on the model.


Virtual = Physical

Using RIB iTWO you can simulate different design variables, calculation processes and execution variables, which precisely follow, control and minimize the risk profile by selecting and deselecting variables virtually before construction starts. The result of the process is significant with reduction of up to 80% in change orders, a more stringent cost profile and totally minimized risk.

iTWO 5D Lab

The traditional way of construction workflows can be time-consuming, risky, and costly due to miscommunication and improper cooperation among project stakeholders. iTWO 5D Lab is the first global construction software lab, which creates an opportunity for all project stakeholders to build an effective team to practice project management in a 5D simulated working environment with the iTWO solution. The iTWO 5D Lab is a dynamically connected environment that facilitates real-time collaboration, where investors, owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, consultants, suppliers, government, and other project members can consistently work together to make timely decisions.



It´s Your Industry That Counts

RIB is one of the world´s leading providers of turnkey software solutions. Our experience spans the AEC and EPC markets including Building, Oil and Gas, Civil Infrastructure, Process and Energy, Manufacturing and Public Sectors, Owners and Investors all of which are benefiting from successful projects managed with RIB software. 


In the design process, during construction and in operation: RIB offers individual solutions for all phases of a construction project. Architects and engineers rely on iTWO budget preparation and bid processing as well as project management software solutions. Intelligent stress analysis and dimensioning systems ensure lasting success. RIB's solutions for cost estimating and cost management give contractors an accurate overview of costs.


Power related construction is among the most unique in the industry. Construction for power generation, transmission and distribution requires skills and knowledge that’s becoming harder and harder to find.  iTWO is designed to achieve project continuity and centralized data retention to help teams transition knowledge from one project to the next.

Complex plant engineering demands maximum data availability and process security. As a fully universal software solution for costing and scheduling, cost estimating, bidding and project control, RIB solutions set a new standard in engineering and construction for: air, oil, gas and water supply systems, heavy plants, petrochemical / chemical plants, hazardous waste plants, telecommunications plants, transport technology and shipbuilding.


By road, rail and air, above and below the ground, RIB solutions establish reliable connections long before projects are completed. Similarly, in infrastructure management iTWO links the data and information of all those participating in the design and the execution of the project: supported by transparent object-oriented design processing and RIB's cost management system.

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Collaboration Software for Construction Projects



Collaboration Software for Construction Projects

iTWOcx guarantees optimal project management across the construction project

iTWOcx provides web-based project collaboration and control for construction and engineering projects, and is a key capability of the iTWO platform. iTWOcx is available as a stand-alone cloud-based product and as part of the full RIB iTWO 5D Enterprise platform.


iTWOcx creates value from project start

Digital project management ensures better coherence between design and production, creating efficient work processes, cost reduction and optimal knowledge sharing from the start. RIB's solution can be customized and adapted to your specific project needs.

A construction project is constantly evolving, so our tools support the entire construction process from preliminary design to final submission, creating value throughout the process – and for everyone involved. Meanwhile, you have constant and easy access to your project via our mobile application. This provides our clients with increased efficiency across time, place and trade.



Document management

Contract administration

Business process management meets contractual correspondence. All project communication and related metadata can be captured in forum style correspondence allowing you to add comments, track open issues and report on cost and time impacts.

Manage distribution of documents to project participants from a secure version controlled repository.

Set-up project budgets, create contracts and manage variations, claims and payments for this and other projects in your portfolio.

Quality management


Defects management

Achieve high confidence in handover with your own library of executable and repeatable ITP’s, action points and NCR’s.

Easily issue packages electronically. Monitor all tender activity and responses whilst keeping your packages up-to-date with smart addenda management.

Capture Defects in the field, assign to the relevant parties and manage through to resolution.

Site diary

Time sheets


Maintain a comprehensive work log for all site events and summarize it in a "day to day" view. 

Track and report on hours worked by team, department, or even companies in joint ventures. 

Integrate project information such as Correspondence, Documents, Defects, Quality and Contractual Admin items to BIM elements. 


The best features of virtual design

Virtual design is the basis for innovation and competitive advantages in the automotive and machine engineering industries and others when it comes to time-to-market, cost control, design and quality. RIB has now adapted this technology for the construction industry (AEC). With iTWO you too can benefit from considerable time and cost savings in implementing your projects. The relevant model information is available to the design team, estimators, planners, engineers and the executing team in every phase. Based on alphanumeric 2D data and an interactive 5D model, it lets you track the geometric, resource and process planning data for your building projects whenever you want on your screen.

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6D Facilities Management



6D Facilities Management

iTWOfm creates value throughout your entire property portfolio

iTWOfm for digital facilities management provides financial overview, optimal scheduling capabilities, efficient workflows and optimization of resources. A joint platform with standardized data throughout the entire property portfolio.


Streamline and optimize

iTWOfm is the most efficient tool on the market for digital facilities management. Operation and maintenance of property portfolios requires extensive planning and overview of all activities down to the smallest detail. iTWOfm provides financial overview, optimal planning options, streamlined workflows and optimization of resources.

Flexible solution

A joint platform with standardized data throughout the entire property portfolio provides a basis for strategic decisions for optimization of your property portfolio. iTWOfm consists of a range of modules, which you can deploy individually or together. Customize your own solution and choose the modules that support the specific needs of your property portfolio.


Task Management

Save time and resources on reporting, prioritization, and processing and feedback on tasks. Everything takes place in a single system. The operations department achieves effective task management, with tasks being automatically delegated to the person responsible, followed by simple, efficient feedback via the system.


Optimal planning of O&M tasks for prevention of consequential damage to buildings and operational failures, and the safeguarding of property value. Achieve complete control of all tasks, status and priorities. Operational staff have easy access to tasks directly on their smart phones or tablets, wherever they go.


3D models are imported into the system and the entire structure of the space is installed – including all buildings, floors, rooms and the aggregate space. Data can be processed dynamically whilst building elements and surfaces can be recorded and ranked. This provides an overview and a good basis for digital delivery of O&M data.

Building inspection

Effective registration of building inspections via smart phone or tablet. Describe findings quickly and accurately, add images as documentation – this is an all-in-one working procedure resulting in significant time savings. Obtain an overview across spaces and analyze critical focus areas in the building stock.

Space Management

Efficient control and overview of all spaces, together with internal and external tenancies and their affiliations. Achieve maximum utilization of tenancies and efficient administration of common tasks. Achieve punctual follow-up and reduction of idle tenancies along with a qualified basis for decisions on the utilization of spaces.


When all consumption figures are collected in one place, consumption patterns can be optimized. It becomes easy to identify the relationship between consumption and spaces and determine which buildings are not energy efficient. It is possible to constantly monitor consumption trends and accumulate KPIs for benchmarking your portfolio.

Building component

Achieve a complete overview of building components and quantities, described in a consistent, cohesive structure. Building components are configured and described once on a building component index card, and then a record is made of quantities and their location in the building. Volumes can quickly be calculated and applied.


Enormous financial gains

RIB handles more than 10 million m2 and in our experience there is often huge untapped potential in the management, operation and maintenance of properties.

iTWOfm gathers the master data of your property portfolio in a single location on a joint platform. This provides financial, managerial and qualitative gains.

There is a reduction potential of about 10-12% of the total space – in some areas as much as 25%. This will lead to a potential saving of double-digit millions over a 5-year period.
— Lars Birch, Post Nord AB

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