ICE is a detail and unit cost estimating system, allowing estimators to quickly generate items for an estimate using advanced software technology. With ICE’s Construction System technology, users can create a more complete estimate, with higher accuracy, in less time. By entering some standard information, the ICE program allows users to automatically generate all necessary line items for construction components while producing an accurately calculated estimate with fully customizable totaling and reporting.





Technical Support

Tel: (800) 225-5622 Ext. 2


Jerry Bohnert

Tel: (800) 225-5622 Ext. 1664


Estimator's Reference


This site offers you a variety of helpful estimating information. There is access to such tools as lists of formulas and equations, weights of common materials, interactive geometric forms, metric conversion factors, structural steel shapes and weights, rebar data and more.

Click here to view the Estimator's Reference



ICE training is offered at the RIB Memphis office and on-site. Below are the available training options. 


ICE for General Contractors

  • Duration: 3 days

ICE for Mechanical, Electrical, Piping

  • Duration: 3 days

ICE Administration

  • Prerequisite: Regular Training

  • Duration: 3 days

ICE Construction System Toolkit

  • Prerequisite: ICE Administration

  • Duration: 3 days

ICE Custom

  • Existing customers only

  • Number of days and content to be determined with instructor's assistance




To schedule ICE training, please fill out the form below and an instructor will contact you as soon as possible.

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