VDC and BIM 

The use of Building Information Modeling in Virtual Design and Construction - a three part series

Presented By Rex Tate

Rex Tate graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Architecture, cum laude and is Assistant vice president at RIB Americas, which provides construction project end-to-end solutions and financial management for the AEC industry.  He develops and administers extensive building and facility knowledge bases and works with the integration of BIM into the various phases of construction projects.

He is a graduate of the Virtual Design and Construction program at Stanford University and serves on the Technical Advisory Committee at Stanford’s Center for Integrated Facility Engineering and on its Industry Advisory Board.


Part I:  Improving Project Delivery through VDC

Part I of this series will cover:

  • Defining VDC and BIM
  • Waste in the AEC industries and its reasons
  • Models, their content and their value
  • Using 3d model objects to visualize completed construction activities
  • The levels of development of model objects

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Part II:  Model Management

Part II of this series will cover:

  • Model management and the AIA G202 BIM protocol
  • The concept of “parts”
  • The dimensions from 2d to 7d
  • Clash detection
  • The right of reliance
  • Change management and parametric modeling

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Part III:  Technology Adoption and VDC

  • Early technology adoption and crossing the chasm
  • The cowboys and the farmers
  • The Gartner hype cycle
  • Constructability scores and buildability standards
  • The Pareto principle of uneven distribution of outcomes and Pareto frontiers
  • VDC components, processes and i-rooms
  • Disruptive technology

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